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How to participate?

1. Contact Floridian Research Institute. We will ask you a few questions and evaluate if you can be qualified.

2. Fill out Health Assessment and meet with our specialist. Once you have been qualified, we will ask you to come to our center to meet with our specialist.

3. Become a volunteer. You will become a volunteer to participate in a clinical study. Remember you will help to move science forward.

Why should you participate in a clinical study?

Clinical trials plays a big role in the medical field. They provide many benefits not only to patients, but for society as a whole. They offer hope for many people and researchers to find better treatments or procedures in the future.The main goal of a clinical trial is to discover new treatments and approaches to manage diseases.

Our staff is very passionate about their work. We care about our patient's safety. We ensure that all clinical studies meet with practice standards.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Have you or a family member been diagnosed with any of the following: (select all tha apply)

Thanks for Submitting!

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