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About Us

Floridian Research Institute is a Clinical Research Center located in Miami, Florida. Our Research Center maintains the highest level of professionalism in the industry. It's committed to patient's safety and excels industry standards.

Please contact us to see if you qualify for free medication and compensation. Call: 786-391-1137

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Rapid study start-up

Certified experienced staff

Qualified doctors

Latest medications

Cutting edge technology

Extensive patient database

Free medication for qualified patients

Independent clinical research site

Overnight options

Central IRB

Our Mission

Our main objective in each investigation is to comply with all the requirements of the sponsors, taking into account that the purpose of conducting clinical investigations is to distinguish the effect of a drug from other influences, such as spontaneous change in the course of the disease, effect of placebo or biased observation. Our institution maintains the highest level of professionalism and is committed to participant's safety and to meet industry standards. Our staff is certified and has extensive experience in clinical research. Our institution has a very extensive database, which includes participants of different races and nationalities.

Tests Running for COVID-19 Vaccines.

Tests Running for Alzheimer's Dementia.

Tests Running for Diabetes Mellitus Type 2.


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